Security Alarm & Remote Start Systems / GPS Tracking Systems

Your vehicle is a valuable investment.  Why not protect your investment from vandalism and theft.  Ai Vinyl Graphics & Mobile Electronics Inc. can provide a number of ways to prevent and retrieve your vehicle from such occurrences.  GPS Tracking Systems takes protection to another level as a stand alone or by integrating the GPS with an alarm system.  GPS Systems also provides internet monitoring on work fleet vehicles or family vehicles.  All Security Alarm Systems provides shock sensors that will detect impact to your vehicle such as windows being smashed.   Select alarm systems have 2 way paging capability allowing quick response to your vehicle.  Optional accessories can provide even more protection with upgrades such as: Back Up Battery Siren, Digital Tint Motion Sensor, Audio Glass Break Sensor, Invisibeam Field Disturbance Sensor, LED's & Black Box Camera.  Alarm Upgrades can also be integrated to OEM factory remotes as well.


Remote Start Systems provides comfort and prepares your vehicle in advance before you drive off.  Remote Starter Systems will also keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Remote Start Systems can also be integrated to your OEM factory remotes for select vehicles as well.  Select systems can offer different features and ranges in distance to accomodate every clients needs.   For customers looking for the best of both worlds with full fledge security alarm & remote start systems, we have the best brands to choose from. Please give us a call for more information or questions you have about your vehicle.


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